Top 5 Tips for Cruisers on Day 1

1. Go the main dining room for lunch

The first few hours on the ship can be chaotic. Most people will get on the ship and head to the buffet for a late lunch (check-in is normally from around 11am onwards). On many ships the main dining room is open on embarkation day. My advice? Make your way straight to the main dining room and sit down for a nice relaxing lunch to start your cruise!

Explorer of the Seas Main Dining Room

2. Do a recce of the ship

Although ships vary greatly in size, getting around can be confusing, even on the smaller ships. Once you've had a feed and a drink, start at the lowest level above the full cabin levels and walk each floor to the top of the ship. This will help you get your bearings.

Explorer of the Seas Promenade

3. Take your photos

Leading on from my number 2 tip, take photos on your walk through of all of the ships areas and yourselves of course! Often the theater and other areas will be relatively empty making for some great shots!

4. Pack a small carry-on bag with essentials

Make sure you put a pair of swimmers, underwear, passport and any medication in your carry-on bag. Although most of the time bags are delivered to your room sometime in the afternoon, it does happen where you may not get them until dinner time. If you feel like a swim straight after you get on the boat, you can and often the pools and spas are empty!

Indoor Pool on Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship
Celebrity Solstice Solarium

5. Book any specialty restaurants and activities

If you are planning on booking any specialty restaurants during your trip, it is best to get in with a booking on the first day, especially with the short cruises. You should also book any other activities you are interested in, for example most ships have a behind the scenes tour which sells out very quickly!

The bridge of the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship
Celebrity Solstice Bridge - Behind the Scenes Tour


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